At Female Healthcare, Ltd., we offer comprehensive women’s care from adolescence through menopause. Specializing in lifelong care, we offer a complete array of services. Equipped with knowledge, expertise, and compassion, our physicians aim to nurture lifelong doctor-patient relationships.

Gynecological Services

•  Adolescent Care
•  Annual Exams
•  Birth Control Options
•  Endometriosis
•  Uterine Fibroids
•  Pelvic Pain
•  Treatment of Heavy Menses
•  Pelvic Infections
•  Menopause Management
•  Abnormal Pap Smear Management
•  Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis and Treatment
•  Pelvic Relaxation
•  Osteoporosis and Bone Density Testing (DEXA)
•  Minimally Invasive Surgery with the daVinci Surgical System
•  Breast Cancer Screening
•  Vaccines for HPV (Gardisil)
•  Pelvic Ultrasounds

Our board-certified physicians will be happy to provide consultations for all of your individual gynecologic concerns. Call our office to schedule your appointment.